Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31 March 2009

1) Life And Death Lessons The Us Still Needs to Learn for Survival

We’re in a war against terror. Every minute, Islamofascist murderous maniacs are plotting to blow us up, behead us, nuke us and destroy us. The threat practically smashes us in the face.

America must wake up or perish. One way to get that wake up call under way is to read Jihad Incorporated, and other resources named in this column. America has two of the most dangerous enemies it has ever faced — the terrorists at home and abroad and the people now occupying the White House.

2) Obama's Most Telling Answer
Joseph Ashby
The President's inconsistent views on equality and fairness. More

3) Antiwar Left Can't Admit Obama Betrayal
Obama Seeks Muslims For White House Posts
Gates Reveals Schism In Obama White House
Obama's Involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange
US Liberals Begin To Confront Obama Betrayal