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In the Obama campaign, Brokeback Mountin' debate, the world was told that aborticide was above Birdie Obama's pay scale. Apparently though, the slaughter, butchery, sale and cannibalization of children is within B.H. Obama's pay scale, although it reveals either Obama has sh*t for brains or is a sadistic butcher on equal terms with Caligula.

It is no stretch to point to the Obama / Caligula connection no more than to link him to Hannibal Lecter the infamous character who dined on human livers with fava beans portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, over the Dr. Mengele use of human babies in "stem cell" butchery which Obama has now reinstated by another dictator swipe of his pen.

For those not familiar with Caligula or did not know him personally, he was from a line of Caesars who were the ...

He attained power by suffocating ... A blessed event his sister thought, until Caligula announced was a god like someone else named Obama has been saying.

As Caligula did not want any other little gods running around, he pulled out a knife one evening and cut the baby out of his sister's womb. The original aborticide stem cell research in stopping cloning exactly as Obama is concerned about. Amazingly, Obama has no problem sucking the brain out of a human in partial infanticide or in stem cell, but he has a problem with anyone trying to clone another human, as "that would be wrong".

That is the foundation in all of this though the "wrong" and how the aborticide industry, which is a worldwide multi billion dollar industry so harming women's wombs that we now have...

Wrong also includes the spin words which changed babies to fetus and tissue. This was deliberate as much as using the term "stem cells" and we have all seen that footage of just a few cells being poked by a needle when the fact is, stem cells mean A BRAIN exists, because it is brain stem cells...

Stem cells are in fact wildly reproductive when placed out of the areas they are intended to be. They do not "fix" anything, but if injected into tissues will produce tumors exactly like cancer...

What I would like people to ask themselves is the real meaning behind Obama's actions? It is a fact stem cells are past where research is now at. So why would Obama, who is acting on the behalf of his benefactors want stem cells?

The answer is, there is a horrid therapy, which might point to how the elite like... appear very much like 50 year old males when they are in their 90's. It is what this blog noted years ago in these elitists have solved the "life expansion" problem so humans can live hundreds of years. Just like pedophiles want children termed adults to molest them legally in the Obama group of liberals, it would be a conclusion that Obama has just made it easier and legal for the patricians to get their cannibalized infants inside the United States for their life expansion treatments.

They will need these treatments until they can activate their false tree of life grid they are preparing a few years ahead of the present,..Stem cells are now their expensive Obama funded link for their longevity.There are risks involved with stem cells as stated. They are cancerous type little buggers if taken out of their greenhouse and soon become weeds... The only difference between a stem cell tumor and stem cell heart is where they are injected to replicate.

A simple genetic test would expose anyone using this life expansion therapy eating babies as the babies all have DNA and the host would have not only their own DNA, but others peoples preyed upon.

The media is not going to touch this issue nor ask Barack Obama the really tough questions in why is he investing in a human pancreas diabetes treatment to treat people when doctors found better use for swine insulin long ago.The real fact is the fact that Barack Obama is sucking brains out of babies and people are using it for something science has no need for. That is murder. That is Mengele. That is Caligula. That is Lecter.That is Barack Obama the destroyer of life.Will someone inquire where that life is going now please.

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