Saturday, December 31, 2011

What to do about the Obamanable Necrotizing fasciitis

Primary 2012: An earthquake for Palin

Sarah Palin isn't running for president, but that isn't stopping her supporters, who are encouraging Iowans to "vote rogue" and caucus for the former Alaska governor on Jan. 3.

A group called Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake has produced a number of TV and radio commercials available online. . .

Are you unhappy with the current GOP field? Let me tell you something. You are not alone. Join thousands of Iowans as we vote rogue. It's the caucus for Sarah Palin, on Jan. 3. Let Iowa and the entire country know we want real leadership and real reform in D.C.. More

Unless you want another 4 years of this:

 and this