Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lame Cherry Writes: Transparent Obama

I highly doubt the lawyers taking up the Obama eligibility cases have noticed that Barack Obama has just laid their golden goose egg in the most inept decision of his administration led by his Justice Department in Eric Holder.

What I mean by this is today in a malevolent, low grade prick move, of leftist origins, Barack Obama released a ton of Bush White House memos concerning executive policy decisions.

Executive privilege is something all Presidents guard with their last breaths, because all executives have something to hide as being President is a dirty job. This is the reason all Presidents in protecting their own future butts with both hands do not ever release past Presidential workings.

Barack Obama though has done just that in a mean spirited, liberal, cutting off your nose to spite your own face. Obama and the goons "think" they are setting a political fire to once again deflect heat from them and instead focus it on George W. Bush to feed him as meat to the liberal press as a continuing Davide Letterman hate object.

The problem in this which I doubt anyone has noticed is Barack Obama by doing this, releasing personal memos, executive discussions and decisions, has opened up his entire political entree in everything he has done since he decided to be President as that is Executive which has legal precedent concerning Richard Nixon in the Committee to Re Elect the President.

See by Birdie Obama doing what he did, now all the smear and quip pro quo which the Obama camp engaged in against John Edwards where the press was fed information to go after Edwards instead of Obama's sexcapades is open to freedom of information.

This means Lawrence Sinclair has legal right to all of Barack Obama notes, files and memos concerning him and anything Obama, his staff or "outsiders" contracted to engage in, for the courts to pour through and find.

This means that Barack Obama's birth certificate, passport, college records, writings from college and all personal information are now subject to access to courts as he was waived the executive and personal privilege right by releasing Bush documents.

Barack Obama is an idiot and I would personally like to thank him for his and his people's political suicide binge they are intent upon for themselves. As Obama has executive problems in court actions he is now engaged in, this brings this all into the White House in past history which was protected under the law, such as passports and college records. Every last detail is now subject to subpoena and Freedom of Information Act. The only records the Citizen nor courts can get their hands on are National Security issues, and, there is no way Lawrence Sinclair, Obama's passport, John Edwards or just what Joe Biden did o secure his choice of jobs with Obama is covered.

There are now no confidential conversations nor memos as Obama has waved this for George Bush 43 when Obama leaked to the press confidential conversations and now with the release of Presidential documents.

So Orly Taitz and company, the balls are bouncing in your court. There are legal precedents from Richard Nixon being hounded to now Barack Obama handing the entire game to those seeking to find the Truth on Birdie Obama.Thanks Birdie, but I still doubt these chickens have figured out the egg you just laid.

From: Transparent Obama

Thank you, Lame Cherry
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