Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It’s Time to Smoke Them Out

Force them to choose between the red President and red blooded Americans
By Coach Dave Daubenmire
March 19, 2009


What's that old saying? "What goes around, comes around." For the past sixty years the communists have worked in secret to overturn the "establishment." The culmination of their efforts reached the zenith with the election of communist Barack Hussein Obama to the pinnacle of American power. He and his minions are doing all they can to change the White House into the Red House(...)

None of the camouflaged-communists could pull it off.

But Obama could. With his silver tongue, and his mulatto ancestry he was able to lure away enough-middle-of-the roaders to carry him on his magic carpet to the highest office in the land. He disavowed the god-haters and America haters that surrounded him so smoothly that Peter Graves from the old TV show Mission Impossible must be envious.

But let there be no doubt, he is the marionette that the communist puppet masters had been grooming for years. A true Manchurian Candidate he was the perfect hand-picked front man programmed to do the communist’s bidding.

With the help of the socialist media, the socialist labor unions, and the socialist entertainment industry he was swept into office with the bogus claim that he was America’s first “black” president. He was the first president “of color,” to be sure. But the color is red, not black.

The years of communist indoctrination in our schools had finally paid off. After two generations of students steeped in the socialist gobbledy-gook of a morality characterized by tolerance, diversity, and racism, millions of government-schooled robots used their vote to show how tolerant, diverse, and accepting they were as a sign of their moral superiority. Voting for a “black” man was the greatest evidence of personal morality; far above those intolerant one’s who would dare vote to save the life of the unborn.

Character of the candidate didn’t matter. His positions on the issues were irrelevant. He was everything the change-agents had worked to promote, a multi-cultural minority who was tolerant, diverse, and non-discriminatory. He was the poster child of the communist, traitorous, democratic left.

And now he is president. We must tip our caps to Obama and his handlers. They executed their plan to perfection.

But he is not our king. We are not yet a dictatorship. But the window of freedom is rapidly closing (...)

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