Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Messiah is Melting

Excerpts (emphasis mine)

Not so long after castigating Senator McCain for saying that the fundamentals of the economy were okay and Governor Palin for trying to talk to the people, past the press-- Obama encouraged everyone to focus on the sound fundamentals of the economy and decided to talk to the people and past the press, by going on Leno.

But then of course originality had never been Obama's strong point...

Two months in and it's painfully obvious even to the press that Obama is a failure.The double standard that kept him going this long required an endless propaganda loop and infinite second chances. It demanded that the public think the best of Obama and the worst of his opponents.

So (...)now thanks to the wonders of the teleprompter and carefully screened questions from the press, we have a man in the White House who might be more incompetent than he is corrupt, or more corrupt than he is incompetent.

With the economy stumbling further, stock in incompetence is rising, even while no other stock is.

There's no question about it, the paint is flaking, the antenna is bent and the wheels are coming off.

To increasing numbers of Americans who did vote him, Obama is a nice guy who's completely out of his depth. A year in, the assessment is likely to be far worse. (...)Dodd and Obama, respectively the number 1 and number 2 recipients of contributions from AIG, are busy pretending to be outraged by AIG's bonuses.

(...)As if Dodd's own amendment didn't specifically exempt executive bonuses, and as if Obama didn't sign a bill with that amendment in it.

Once again corruption and incompetence go at it, and corruption wins, followed by an incompetent coverup.(...) The media didn't stop spinning though until Obama, who had been closely tied to sub prime mortgages and was involved in a major real estate scandal that would ultimately help topple Governor Blagojevich, was in the White House.

But now Obama is in the White House and after passing a major stimulus package heavy on the pork that did nothing for the economy. (...)and after his bailouts have elicited public outrage, Obama is still spinning frantically.

The Two Minute Hate campaign targeted first at Limbaugh, then at Wall Street commentators who questioned his tactics, and finally the Republican party as a whole-- crashed and burned despite media enthusiasm. The public as it turned out didn't care about Rush Limbaugh, and were not prepared to blame him for Obama's failures. Aside from the core of hard left wing activists, the American people were not interested in playing Obama's blame game. They just wanted results.

Heading to Leno to promote his economic plan, something no sitting President had ever done, Obama was once again falling back on his same old "like me, believe in me" spiel that had gotten him this far.
But if a pity vote had helped get him elected, too many Americans have no pity to spare for the man whose wife boasts that the great thing about living in the White House is that when something breaks, right away it's replaced. Not when they're working two jobs to make ends meet.Obama's economic plans are a failure.

He did as his advisers advised, he seized the crisis, and the resulting pigfest at the mud pit revolted even many of his own supporters.

Meanwhile more quietly, he was a failure abroad (...)Obama's emissaries to the region have made it clear that the new administration is keener on cultivating its foes than courting its friends...

If you want it all boiled down, Obama has managed to do more damage to foreign policy in barely two months, than Bush had in 8 years.

Corruption or radical anti-americanism, the diagnosis may differ, but the end result is the same. Week after week, the Messiah has turned in one failure after another. Unable to even assemble a full cabinet, with nominee after nominee falling away due to tax problems, his failure is swiftly becoming a fact.

(...)we only need to hang on through the storm. A storm that will have Obama in the center of it regardless of what he does.

Now the first major anti-war rally is being planned and it specifically targets Obama, while we can expect the press to ignore it, it will begin hardening the break with many of Obama's old allies, even as he's running low on new ones.Obama has a Democratic congress, which means he also has all the rope he needs to hang himself with.

The backlash against his policies is already beginning, and the Messiah looks more hapless than ever as the greasepaint and sweat begins to run down his face.There's nothing to be done about it. The Messiah is melting.

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