Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lame Cherry writes: Headbangers Obama


I have concluded that Barack Obama has no ideas who his enemies are, who America's enemies are and what real danger is or real intelligence is.........Except for of course, unless it is American, Christian, Republican and Conservative. Those people are his public enemies list. Yes Birdie actually has a public enemies list... His headbanger crew led by Rahm Emanuel and James Carville have decided to initiated a smear campaign against a large group of Americans by concluding that making Rush Limbaugh the face of the Republican party...

These liberals honestly want America to suffer for the reason of expanding their power. They are deluded into thinking they will keep leading the world. They also gauge this as some "game" which is politics without consequences any more.

Their "majority" they keep thinking who want Obama to succeed are reeds in the wind who will turn on him and them in 3 seconds. They do not recall that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats had monumental negatives and only the catharsis face of Obama is propping things up.

Obama's numbers are false and these people know it. This is why they are in the smear campaign against George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh. I will take the step to repeat what Rush Limbaugh stated as it is the best completion for the United States in the complete, utter and unending failure of Barack Obama as his making Americans slaves to paying off debt to China is nothing any thinking America would ever desire.

Jim Hoagland and toady Charlie Rose were discussing the wonder of Obama again on is program. The reason they are being mentioned is Hoagland once again spoke highly of the boy wonder Obama in stating how brilliant his crew of headbangers were.

The discussion was about Russia in how Obama and his team were doing so well. For a reality check, I will examine the exact policy and results. Obama sent a letter to the Russians promising them everything in exchange for help with Iran.

The Russians rightly told him to "piss off" and put the screws to Obama as they have the position, the leverage to attack American policy and are making a fortune in projects coming out of Iran. What Russian or any normal brain would give up a jewel like that who had any sense. Obama in this just told our allies of Poland and the Czechs in missile defense they have been cut to the wind, after they went out on a political limb at home with their people and having a puffing Russian bear growling at them.

In real world terms, every former bloc state now sees the United States as willing to cut and run, leaving them with Russia to contend with. They well remember that Georgia was pounded with only American posturing. It is far worse in the situation now as Poland and the Czech Republic have heard from Obama they are bargaining chips.

Now Jim Hoagland, that doesn't sound too brilliant, sound at all like any policy of substance and is in reality idiocy.Who on earth goes into a car dealership and tells them, "Look at my bank account and you can have it all, if you promise to sell me a car."That is exactly what Obama did on Iran. He offered Russia everything and then expected Russia to jump on it when they had everything.

The way to deal with Russia is make them hurt, so they have to come to a position where they will not hurt anymore...Make no mistake in this, the Russian FSB has been supplying intelligence, IED upgrades, technical data on how to attack American machinery and they run Zawahiri of al Qaeda as their asset.Who do you think talked bin Laden into attacking America? Russian asset Zawahiri.

Obama in his "deal" showed all his cards, his chips and his bet, and then told Russia to do the same to which they said "bugger off". That is not intelligent in the least. Reinforced in this we have Richard Holbrooke stirring the pot in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The net result is the Pashtun is now blowing up and expanding into Pakistan creating a nuclear situation there.

I reported that Russia was bribing key Pakistani intelligence operatives along with assistance of al Qaeda and the Taliban. The end result is Holbrooke reinforced the Obama Poland response in telling allies there they were expendable. 80% of the work Bush 43 accomplished has just been incinerated...

Added to this is the message of Hillary Clinton prowling about Eurasia with an Obama message of Chinese communists can own America... Mrs. Clinton is also telling the Jewish state that they are expendable ...

Now in review of this according to reality in published stories, the enemies of Barack Obama and his headbangers are; Rush Limbaugh, Republicans, Christians and Patriots. People who are bargaining chips are Poles, Czechs and Jews. People who do not matter are Chinese Christians, Chinese prisoners, people in Tibet, people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jews in war zones.

The people who get deals are Bolshevik Russians and Chinese communists.The people who get rewards are Syrian communists, Hamas communists, Hezbollah communists and Persian communists. Where in any of this in a real examination does this portray anything of an image America wants in disregarding human rights, rewarding terrorists and thugs, betraying friends, exposing brown skinned Muslims to nuclear vaporization and the Russians literally disrespecting the United States of America...

The reputation of the United States has been sullied beyond repair as the thugs of the world have just been told America rewards evil, abandons good and is so compromised that it is weak.

Birdie Obama came to power promising something which is not this. ...Barack Obama disrespected Prime Minister Gordon Brown by not having a public press conference with him. He changed the rules and then told the British they weren't going to get anything from Obama. America can not do this to our best ally and expect them to be there when we will need them.

If you want more proof than that in Obama is working for the central European financiers, just look at what he did to England in humiliating them. From making wholesale warfare on American workers and investors to the criminal manipulation of the Stock Market by Tim Geithner, (Gee notice after this blog outed what was occurring how the market then rose as money was dumped into the system and not taken out.)...

There is intelligence in this Obama administration, but it is working for the destruction of America and the Anglo American world dominant alliance to be replaced by Europeans. The reason I make a huge distinction between Jews and convert Ashkenazi elite, is because Jews are herded by these elitist thugs and they are the David Axelrods and Rahm Emanuels who are stooges to this globalist system whose loyalty like Obama is not to America, but to their benefactors.

None of this is to be celebrated as it is the worst type of mischief as it will cause wars and hardship, especially for Americans...Remember lists work both ways Mr. Obama and your headbangers, you make enemy lists to persecute Americans and to toss allies to the curb to be eaten up by Russians, the tides of battle turn and those people will rise up and have you on their indictment lists....

The Truth will come out and your joke in politics is going to be criminal reality all of you brilliant schemers will answer for in the Americans courts.

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