Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snub Heard Around the World – especially in London

Robert Bridge, RT
06 March, 2009, 12:06

This week, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was the first world leader to meet with US President Barack Obama in Washington. But the only thing the British media is talking about is how poor Gordon Brown was maltreated.

Despite Barack Obama’s eloquent elocution, ivy school credentials and electric charisma, there is talk that he lacks the most crucial element of any great leader: judgment. And that single personality flaw, if it does in fact exist, seemed apparent during Gordon Brown’s trip to Washington to discuss ways to tackle the worsening global economic crisis.

Snub Number 1: On the eve of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s inaugural visit to Washington to meet America’s African-American wunderkind, Barack Obama, White House staffers decided it the perfect moment to send back a bust of Winston Churchill to the British embassy, a gift from former PM Tony Blair that had adorned the Oval Office since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Some speculate that the Obamas (Michele is already figuring high in any decision that Barack makes) returned the dusty bust precisely because...

Snub Number 2: Despite the fact that Gordon Brown had become the first European leader to set foot in Washington (a very big deal for the Europeans, it seems), the Obamas failed to have Mr. Brown and his wife Sarah over for a White House dinner. Such formal receptions, especially considering that Gordon Brown represents America’s staunchest ally, is simply diplomatic protocol...

Snub Number 3: No joint press conference...

Snub Number 4: The final royal snub came at the hands of the US media itself...Although most major publications have covered his visit, few have given it any editorial prominence.”

ABCNews was accused of giving Mr. Brown “less prominence today than it did a story about a sleepwalking dog that walked into a wall.”

...A state dinner at the White House would have wonderfully complemented such fine words. But unfortunately, the Obama administration was sleepwalking through Brown’s visit. Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come.

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