Wednesday, April 1, 2009

News Update on Obama 01 April 2009

Groups in 20 more statesreviewing eligibility claims
Citizen grand juryindicts Obama

Class War in America
Richard BaehrMass movements are not nuanced. They need good guys and bad guys, and an emotional desire to ruthlessly steamroller the bad guys More

Government Claims Power to Ban Books and Speech
Ken KlukowskiThe enormous scope of power that the Obama Administration claims under McCain-Feingold ought to worry every American. More

Obama's revenge against GM
James LewisObama has just fired the President and CEO of General Motors, something no previous president, including FDR or JFK, would ever have imagined doing. Watching Obama is a psychiatrist's delight. More

Obama's Faustian Bargain
Mark SilverbergObama promotes a grand US-Muslim global reconciliation. It is fair to ask, however, what's in the "fine print?" What price will our enemies exact in return? More

More Obama Narcissism