Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Silent Majority

By Andy - The Sanatorium of Conservatism
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reprinted. Highlight added:

I’m like you. I see the news every day and wonder if the country has finally gone mad. I hear people around me talking and I wonder why they are so blind to the things going on around them. I see the 24 hour coverage on the death of a pedophile and wonder why we’re not covering more of the deaths of our soldiers. I know in my heart the destructive nature of liberalism, but fail to get others to see beyond the pretty words and wonderful promises and understand that everything has consequences.

I know that liberalism has been permeating our culture through Hollywood and the national media. I know that it has also been infecting the hearts and minds of our youth in public schools and Ivy League universities. I know that it seems that the country is populated with those that watch MTV, Comedy Central, and Saturday Night Live for their news.

And like you, many times when I see these things, hear these things, and feel these things, I lose hope.

Like you, I don’t want to lose hope. I want to feel like our country still has those core values that made it so great in the past. I want some kind of proof that we really are good, decent people deep inside that will rise up when needed and stand for what is right.

Well allow me to try to make the case that, yes, we are still a nation of patriots with strong values in the fabric of our souls.

We all remember the overwhelming sense of patriotism after September 11th, 2001. We all remember the flags flying and the common agreement throughout the nation that the United States of America was the greatest country on the planet and nothing could ever change that. That was our true core. That was the silent majority rising up to be heard. Because it was necessary.

After that, the louder voices of the left began to get everyone’s attention again. The media continued their assault on Conservative values. The silent majority was lulled back to sleep.

The silent majority woke again on June 5th, 2004. The death of the greatest Conservative voice of our generation woke the silent majority out of its slumber and an enormous outpouring of affection was a result. People lined the streets to show their respect for Ronald Reagan. Flags flew at half mast throughout the nation. The silent majority knew that a great visionary and leader had passed and would be sorely missed. They wanted to let the world know that they would not allow his vision to die. The silent majority mourned, and once again, went back to sleep.

We have been seeing the silent majority turning fitfully in its siesta, as of late. We see signs that it is once again beginning to awaken. We see the high turnout at the tea parties. We notice the higher ratings of Conservative radio and television in comparison to their liberal counterparts. We see books written by Conservatives being ranked number one in sales by the New York Times. We see the sleeping giant beginning to stir.

Obama and the liberals should fear the awakening, but naturally their conceit won’t allow it. They feel that they control the majority. They feel that the voices rising up are too few. The think the fringe left that follows them so blindly IS the majority of the country. But the TRUE silent majority is being pushed too far and it will awaken. It will not allow the Obamas of the world to destroy the very soul of our country.

The silent majority will awaken. Because it is necessary.

I pity those that stand in its way.