Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama's Declining Popularity No Surprise

Obama's Declining Popularity No Surprise

Wed, July 8, 2009 at 10:46 PM
By Dr. Tony Magana

Obama’s meteoric rise to populist fervor by proclaiming all conservatism as sinful may be coming to an end just as it did for another in a famous Sinclair Lewis novel.

On July 7th as President Obama had just completed his sixth month in office his steadily falling popularity finally plummeted below 50% in the important swing state of Ohio according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

The results are due it seems to growing dissatisfaction with how the President is handling the economy. Numerous polls have over the past few months shown that the American public is most concerned about the condition of the economy over health care, the environment, and other issues despite a constant liberal media barrage to brainwash them to the contrary. This week Vice-President Joe Biden and the President had no choice but to admit that on the issue that matters most they got it wrong. Now after having spent or committed to spend almost $3 trillion in the stimulus package mixed in with new government spending and perhaps another $2 trillion more to go for the energy tax implementation and government health care, Americans find their mood has gone from hope to pessimism.

Obama promised the Democratic initiative of massive spending would bring in 1.5 million new jobs but instead the ranks of jobless Americans keep growing every month. Although the steepness of the loss may be less than at the onset they are still staggering numbers. Wall Street has regained about 50% of the value lost but overall the major economic sectors which should be the engine of job creation are only sputtering.

Obama has spent much of the time on out of country junkets trying to build coalitions by giving concessions to foreign nations on American sovereignty, promises of increased foreign aid, and making America more of global follower than leader.

In return we received clear assurance that we can continue to mostly fight the war in Afghanistan alone, unilaterally disarm our outdated nuclear weapons defense systems to numbers even more inferior than the 3000+ superiority held by Russia, and a thank you for having our Congress taking up impossible climate change tax programs but no thank you its not for us from other countries.

Vanity Fair magazine recently ran a story by Michael Wolff about how the Obama White House is controlling the press and the message that gets to the American people. They describe that different Obama friendly media are used for different purposes such as “scoops” for the New York Times, partisan issues to the Huffington Post, and of course the pictures of Michelle and the kids for the celebrity publications.

For all his talk about being a transparent President who will listen to the people, the reality is that this President is the exact opposite. His town halls are staged events with special reporters invited to ask questions and stooged members of the public set up to be famous for five minutes asking a sentimental question. What this has created is the liberal media and Obama being heavily engaged in a closed conversation with each other that has totally ignored what is happening to the average American.

Night after night, MSNBC, CBS, and CNN reports spend literally hours talking about what is wrong with Sarah Palin and absolutely ignore that no one is getting a job

For members of MSNBC which is owned by General Electric, the company that is not only setting records for lobbying fees to politicians including Obama but also income from government contracts, it could be said that they honestly appear to have no idea about what is bothering the average family. They seem to believe that Americans cannot function until they know every detail of events that happened five or seven years past in a previous administration. Unlike Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann who make millions a year ( some of it derived by GE’s bailout) Americans without work cannot sit around being pundits all day but instead have to try to survive.

One does not have to be a Harvard economist to understand that the most significant effect of the Obama administration to date has been the almost complete destruction of entrepreneurial spirit.

The economy is so skewed now that the only thing that matters is where government will spend money. Obama cannot blame the media he controls or the capitalist system he has squashed. No one in any community is saying things will get better all they are saying is how much worse will it get.

One hopes for our country’s sake that Obama and the childish media will not wait, like the ill fated character in the novel, Elmer Gantry, to repent until the burning of the Tabernacle (America) to put away childish things and speak as men.

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