Monday, July 20, 2009

The Coup That Wasn't

by Nathaniel Givens
Sunday, July 19, 2009
America'sRight. com


Some of you may remember that after then Honduran President Zelaya was removed from office I wrote a piece about Obama's motivations for joining with Chavez and others in calling for Zelaya to be returned to power...

As many of you proved in your well-researched comments: I was wrong., an extremely popular technology news aggregation site, has often published stories about alleged voter fraud in American elections using computer-based voting machines. They have a story up today about these types of machines in Honduras.

It turns out that Honduran authorities have seized 45 of them. Although there was no election on June 28th because the military kicked Zelaya out of the country and cancelled it, these machines each contain "certified" voting records. And - not surprisingly - every single one indicates that Zelaya won the referendum overwhelmingly.

Turns out that the Honduran military wasn't jumping the gun after all. They were just in time.

Given this most recent news, there can be no excuse for President Obama or any American official to continue to support Zelaya's attempts to retake control of the country. It's not even enough for us to remain silent. America's responsibility in this affair is to either directly support the Honduran people or - at a minimum - call for silence from Chavez, Castro, and others while the Hondurans perform their national duty of protecting the Constitution...

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