Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama, the Great Dissembler and His Convenient Untruths

Obama Caught Lying to Congress and Nation about Health Care Reform
by Bill Levinson

Barack Obama makes Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton look honest

We previously cited a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that openly, albeit politely, contends with evidence that Barack Obama is lying about his health care reform proposal. We have since then seen three additional opinion pieces, all in the prestigious Wall Street Journal, that use language like “obfuscate” and “simply not credible” to describe the President’s statements.

The Wall Street Journal is not talk radio, and its readers do not pay $250 or more a year to read the kind of hyperbole and exaggeration they can get from talk radio or the headlines of various tabloids.

When the WSJ’s distinguished writers and contributors use language like “obfuscate” and “simply not credible,” they are openly calling the President of the United States a liar; a position with which we agree. (Read more…)