Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obama and His Cabal of Terminators

Obama's Attraction to Human Rights Violators

Sadly, the Obama presidency keeps getting "curiouser and curiouser."...Americans that voted for this man are equally responsible for the human rights disasters that may occur world wide under his watch.

Kyle-Anne Shiver

Obama's response to the Honduran military removing a dictator-wannabe from office tells us who he is. More
Birds of a feather do tend to flock together.

Bullies, of all stripes, don't you know, are really just cowards at heart -- yellow down to their measly cores -- which is why they must cling together in gangs and collectives. They haven't the courage or fortitude for independence. Neither do they support individual liberties or constitutions that interfere with their quest for power.

Obama's administration: Coup are you?
Monica Showalter and her colleagues on the editorial board of Investor's Business Daily ...comment on the Obama administration's reaction to the removal of Honduran President Mel Zelaya in "Banana democrats." They write: More

The ugly face of liberalism
Selwyn Duke

Obama has sided with a thug in Honduras, a man who -- for completely self-serving reasons -- sought to subvert his nation's constitution. More

Dancing to a new tune in Latin America
Douglas O'Brien

Standing unified with his amigo Hugo Chavez, President Obama appears ready to engage in a spirited defense of another leftist head of state,

Obama and the Bad Villagers
Isn't there anyone over at the U.N. willing to defend Honduras? More

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