Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Is Impeachment Inevitable?"

By Fred Dardick

Forgive me for being skeptical, but I just don’t see Obama getting the message after the Democrats get their tails handed to them in the coming elections. To perceive and learn from failure requires a certain amount of character, humility and ability for personal examination, and let’s be real… Obama isn’t that type of guy...

So what’s he going to do when his party gets stomped by an angry American electorate? Admit he’s wrong? Apologize for error of his ways? Beg for forgiveness?...

As a steadfast socialist, Obama is 100% devoted to the one thing that unites them all… he is committed to the Big Lie...

Socialists believe in the Big Lie because the only truth that matters to them is power. No lies = no power, no power = political death and I promise you, Obama isn’t going to just fade away because Americans don’t like him anymore...

The Angry Socialist
You can sense Obama’s disdain for the American people in his speeches -...

The Big Lie works only when no one knows about it. With the rise of Fox News, conservative writers and the internet, there are far too many people out there spreading the word about Obama’s socialist failures for him to Alinsky-style shut them up, and finally many of his former supporters are starting to see the light.

And once you see the light, there is no going back.

What comes next?
...Even with a Republican controlled Congress, I guarantee that Obama will continue with the “transformation” of America through Presidential decrees and government regulation...

So the question is: What will Republicans do?

I don’t think there is much of a question of what the voters want. We’re not looking for accommodation with socialists, nor do we care about dialog with Marxists – YOU HEAR ME LINDSEY GRAHAM? We want him STOPPED!

No more weakness will be tolerated. If Obama tries to use the National Labor Relations board to implement Card Check – Impeach him!

If Obama grants amnesty to illegal aliens through presidential decree – Impeach him!

If Obama allows the UN to levy taxes against America – Impeach him… and then throw him in jail!

The incoming Republican Congress must be ready, willing and able to depose Obama. He’s already committed many crimes worthy of investigation and will likely continue to abuse the power granted to him by the American people, and we’ve had enough...Entire Post