Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama's Ground Zero Mosque declaration a giant middle finger aimed at New Yorkers and America.

Bam to New York: Drop Dead!
By James Lewis
American Thinker

Some New Yorkers literally did drop dead nine years ago, because they chose to end their lives by falling from the top floors of the World Trade Towers rather than wait for the inferno to kill them by burning and asphyxiation. President Obama's Friday night declaration of support for the Ground Zero Mosque was a giant middle finger aimed at New Yorkers and America.

Now why would I think such a terrible thing about Our Obama? For an answer cast your mind back nine years to that day on September 11, 2001. You remember it. Some of your neighbors have succeeded in forgetting it, but you remember it.

Those 19 Jihadist mass murderers on 9/11 were the lifelong products of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi propaganda. It's easy to summarize their message even without going to your local mosque, because in Tehran they've cut it down to six words: Death to Israel! Death to America!...

Those 19 hijackers were the products of lifelong propaganda, courtesy of our friends the Saudis. That is why they were able to cut the throats of flight attendants without even thinking about it -- with cheap utility knives, without a moment of hesitation or a thought of mercy...

Now what is interesting about our Current Occupant is that he's been subjected to lifelong propaganda himself. Once upon a time Barry Soetoro was a cute little tyke, no doubt, and then a whole bunch of adults -- Stalinists, Muslims, Jeremiah Wright -- subjected him to decades of consistent anti-American propaganda. . It's the one thing both the Stalinists and the Muslims could agree on: America No, Fidel Si!

If we could look into Obama's unconscious we would find all those slogans he's heard all his life, over and over and over again. They are just on automatic. They pop out if he doesn't ride herd on them.

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