Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Obama Horror Picture Show

The Obama Horror Picture Show
July 28, 2010
By Robin of Berkeley
American Thinker

I recently received an e-mail that made my skin crawl. It was in response to a spiritually oriented article.

The e-mailer, Carl, penned the following, which was short, but not sweet:

Jesus and his followers must be destroyed. They are responsible for all the evil in the world.

After opening this mail, I sat frozen in my seat for several minutes. I felt like I had seen something that human eyes shouldn't behold, like I had happened upon a gruesome crime scene.

Each day, I feel that same creepy sensation upon hearing the latest news. I'm glimpsing such darkness that my first instinct is to quickly look away.

There's Obama ordering assassinations of American citizens. I repeat: That peacenik, Barack, orders Americans to be killed far from the battlefield. While George W. Bush was raked over the coals for detaining alleged terrorists, Obama appears to be having them snuffed out, to almost no outrage.

Next up, we have JournoList -- hundreds of journalists conspiring to elect Obama. This is proof positive that reporters behaved unethically during the election and beyond.

And what has been Obama's most notable accomplishment since assuming the presidency? Steering us toward a race war.

The constant cries of racism are designed to inflame and agitate. And talk about projection: Has there ever been a more racially biased administration? An inspector general reveals bias in the closure of some auto dealerships.

Race-baiting, assassinations, journalists conspiring to rig an election. As a psychotherapist, I try to recall when I've seen such pathology...

The language of psychiatric diagnosis doesn't explain the insanity. For me, there is only word that fits: evil...

Evil's only power is through destruction. Evil has no ability to create. It survives by siphoning off the vitality of robust others.

With wickedness now in the highest of places, evil has gone viral. An epidemic, it threatens everyone it touches.

Evil is contagious because it seduces those who are hollow inside. Dominating another can be the most intense aphrodisiac. Hate is a way for a diminished person to feel powerful -- or to feel anything at all...

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