Wednesday, February 17, 2010

USS Obama is sinking

by J.C. Arenas
American Thinker Blog

The Obama Administration continues to proclaim the strength of the nation's economy, and foreign governments are responding with a collective 'yeah, right'.

ABC News reports:

Foreign owners of US government debt reduced their holdings by the largest monthly amount ever in December, with China offloading so many Treasury securities that it is no longer the largest foreign holder.

According to new data released Tuesday morning by the Treasury Department, foreign holdings of Treasury securities plunged by $53 billion in December, a record drop. China led the sell-off, reducing its holdings by $34 billion"

"The administration has continued to increase the government's expenditures even while it takes in less revenue--one consequence of the Great Recession. To shore up the hole between the revenue and expenditures, the government has to borrow money, and foreign nations serve as its lenders through purchases of U.S. Treasuries. The administration has defended the nation's ability to service these debts, but it's becoming ever more difficult to believe its claims. The fact that foreign governments are reducing their holdings of U.S. debt is a sign that they are paying more attention to the administration's actions than its words.

Barack Obama's inability to do anything to stem the tide of the nation's unemployment problem has forestalled any potential recovery from the recession, and the government will continue to collect less revenue. Additionally, his $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2011 has provided the latest indication that the administration has no plans to curtail spending on any meaningful level."

"Thus, it should come as no surprise that the president is losing the confidence of other nations who justifiably don't believe that the nation's financial house of cards will be in order anytime soon. China is leading the way. Premier Wen Jiabao first voiced his concerns over the U.S.'s debt last March, and the Chinese have been dumping their Treasury securities for the last five months."...

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 "Posted by: richadu Feb 17, 01:26 AM

Who says Obysmal doesn't know what he's doing?
Here's another of his accomplishents. See? He's made the US less dependent on China for credit!"

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