Sunday, February 7, 2010

America in Obamaniacal Hysterics

President Obama honors Navy 'Corpse-Man'
By Tony Gallardo

President Obama paid tribute to a Navy corpse-man ( I believe he is Christian Bouchard, of Haitian descent) at the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday. It was very moving.

My dad was a sergeant in the United States Marine Corpse during World War II and fought in the brutal Battle for Pelelieu, among others. I was very proud of him.

The President is also the Commander in Chief of the United States Marine Corpse. My affinity for the military began with my dad's service and my knowledge of the extraordinary sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have made for this great... Read full article

"I want to thank the president for his recognition of Navy corpse-man Bouchard.

I just wish that some one of the dozens of Ivy League educated advisors in the White House would tell the president (himself Ivy League educated, and, we are told, the most brilliant man ever to trod the earth), how to pronounce corps.

On second thought, maybe it was the TelePrompTer's fault."



"Posted by: Ender Feb 05, 08:13 AM

Under this morons leadership he is pronouncing it right because more troops will become corpses."

"Posted by: Reggie Feb 05, 08:15 AM

Oh you narrow minded person. We all need to get with the latest pronunciation from our most high leader. To paraphrase Mark Twain (Samuel Clemons) … “It’s a damn small mind that can think of only one way to say a word.”

Posted by: kj1097 Feb 05, 08:15 AM

Hannity played the clip of Obama saying “corpse man” several times last night. At first I laughed out loud, but then I thought about it. This supposedly educated man didn’t know what the word meant. Such arrogance. Thought all he had to do was pronounce the word phonetically, and he was home free. He looked like an idiot all three times he said “corpse man.”

I’ll have to ask my Dad who was a Navy corpsman in WWII if he was “corpse man” or a medic.

Posted by: FulghumInk Feb 05, 08:16 AM

Well, this may give us pause to understand WHY we know nothing of his education. It may also give us pause to wonder if he is inded a natural born citizen-something he KNOWS but is unwilling to reveal. Every time this complete and utter fraud opens his lying mouth it gives me pause to wonder how he floated to where he is simply by being 'present.'

Posted by: Jon W Feb 05, 08:23 AM

I guess a lot of voters misunderestimated the supposed intelligence of Obama. Go figure?"

"Posted by: FulghumInk Feb 05, 08:28 AM

For the second time in my life, I am ashamed of the one who is 'present' in the oval office. Dhimmi Carter comes immediately to mind.

Posted by: mkat33 Feb 05, 08:45 AM

Do you think Sarah Palin knows how to pronounce the word 'corps'? I'm going to guess the answer to that is, 'You betcha.'

"Posted by: CaptSpaulding Feb 05, 08:52 AM

One prediction...

The spin that will put on this is 'that's how they pronounce it Haiti, and the President wanted to speak the language of the people'.

Posted by: Matthew Quigley Feb 05, 08:56 AM

Dear...what kind of idiot did those morons elect????"

"Posted by: mkat33 Feb 05, 08:56 AM

Obama to his critics:

'Don't any of you know how to spell 'core'?'

Posted by: swim-r-sink Feb 05, 09:03 AM

Oh to listen to them prattle on at MSNBC of how brilliant Obama is,the best orator and communicator of a President EVER!! And to quote Jon Stewart from the O,Riley Factor on Fox,I don't know if Obama is a Jedi Master playing Chess on a three level board way ahead of us or if this is kicking his ass! In a question on health care. (Jedi Master) Ha! what a Hoot!

Posted by: stormywthr Feb 05, 09:07 AM

Obama Quayled himself."

"Posted by: JimP Feb 05, 09:24 AM

This certainly is revealing about Obama. If it is an intentional mispronunciation Obama looks extremely petty for engaging in such a ridiculous attempt to slight our armed forces. It doesn't accomplish any slight and the attempt only makes Obama look like a pathetic, neurotic candy @$$. If it is his own ignorance of how to pronounce the word, Obama looks like a real, genuine, honest to goodness dunce. Either way he is a laughingstock.

Posted by: JeffW Feb 05, 09:32 AM

LOL, as a 20 year retired corpse-man I almost sprayed my soda when I read this"...

"Posted by: Karl Feb 05, 10:16 AM

Actually, Obama had a very good reason for saying 'corpse man'.

This is, after all, Haiti, where a major religion is Voodoo.
Voodoo priests can turn people into zombies - the walking dead.
Arguably, those would be 'corpse men'.
Obama probably thought Bouchard was a member of the Haitian zombie regiment."...

"Posted by: Randall Hoven Feb 05, 10:38 AM
The smartest man in all 58 states.

Posted by: riograndevalleygirl Feb 05, 10:39 AM

Programming glitch. Time for an update....the Obamabot clearly needs to be synched with the teleprompter.

Posted by: Russ Vaughn Feb 05, 10:41 AM

Oh and one more question: has anyone noticed whether or not this issue is being reported by the White House Press Corpse?"

"Posted by: Tel... Feb 05, 11:06 AM

This was actually uncomfortable to watch.

Obama precedes the first 'corpse' with a nice little arrogant tilt of the head upwards...a very regal gesture..then proceeds to tell us about Corpse-man Bouchard. This made his bumbling that much more hysterical and glaring.

A few things struck me after the initial disbelief and laughter.

First and foremost Obama's wife is active with Americorps. Obama should know how the word is pronounced. He should also know that he fired an inspector general who go too close to Americorps' dealings in northern california. It appears however that Obama reads off the teleprompter without thinking.

Secondly...Obama is a product of the left's indoctrination efforts. As a dyed-in-the-wool leftist, Obama has an innate contempt for the U.S. military. Therefore, a foreknowledge of military ranks, designations and terms is not something Obama has placed any value in during his life as a community organizer. Hence we get..'corpse' man.

Thirdly...knowling all this...we get the clearest picture yet of Obama being a puppet, a construct, a fabrication. Dusted off, dressed up and told to mouth what's given to him on the teleprompter. Let's not forget, this is the same man who tells Austrians he doesn't know the term in 'the Austrian language'.

My sincerest apologies to any marine who had to endure their commander-in-chief's amateurism with this speech. They should know they're respected and valued far beyond what the very temporary Obama gives them."

"Posted by: Tess Feb 05, 02:02 PM

Did anyone else notice that he also gave the corpse-man 2 different first names: Christian and Christopher.
Pathetic. Shame on TOTUS.

Posted by: Carol Brown Feb 05, 02:16 PM


"Posted by: skinner Feb 05, 08:51 PM

I think it is funny that even as he is sounding ignorant he is still posing with his nose up in the air. I'm beginning to understand why he refuses to give any documentation of his education. Yes it is becoming as plain as the uplifted nose on his face."

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