Monday, June 29, 2009

Israeli Take on Obama’s Policies

By Prof. Ira Sharkansky

Excerpt. Highlight added:
Allow me to ride my horse somewhat further along the path of criticizing the Obama administration’s campaign to stop all construction in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, including some neighborhoods that have been part of Jerusalem for 40 years.

Recall that I do not claim that Barack Obama is a Muslim, some other kind of demon, or beholden to the Palestinians and other Arabs.

However, I wonder at an American president who says that he wants to engage with Iran, Palestine, and other Arab authorities, and is dictating the small details of policy that he insists that Israel adopt.

The absurdity is stark in the presence of Israel’s democracy, with a high level of education and political interest among its citizens along with an active and critical media, in contrast with authoritarian governments, controlled media, and low levels of education in Muslim countries.

Obama is dictating to the democrats and engaging with dictators and religious fanatics.

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