Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Consistently Inconsistent: Which Obama?

The little president who wasn't there

American Thinker

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The White House is now occupied by a little president who just isn't there when he is called upon to take a clear, moral stand. For such sheer gutless flabbiness and evasion, you have to look back to the dismal Jimmy Carter years. If Tehran seems quieter today, it's because the civilian demonstrators have been identified and are being beaten and tortured and maybe killed in Evin Prison. Don't believe for a moment that the sadistic regime has changed, just because you don't see people bleeding on the streets. They are bleeding all right. It's just out of public view...
Barack Obama loves to preen and parade his "higher" morality. But when it comes to Iranians struggling against ugly tyranny or the people of North Korean just trying to fill their bellies with food, our little president just isn't there. Nowhere to be found.

Chances are that behind the scenes the mullahs are promising Obama a glorious peace agreement that will allow him to parade his gargantuan ego around the world one more time. They are Persian rug sellers over there, who know all about hard bargaining. They've got his number: He's a pushover. Obama will trade personal glory against the freedom of Iran's people any day of the week.

So the most moralistic president since Jimmy is also a moral coward. Not surprising, is it? Moralizing is just another way of propping up one's ego. Morality is making the tough choices when life presents us with a clear choice between good and evil...

Obama isn't looking for that. He mainly wants to be celebrated as Mr. Peace and Love. Vainglory is the driving force of his character. When he is presented with an historic opportunity of college students on the streets of Tehran and other cities, fighting storm troopers with their bodies and moral force alone, he totally flubs the chance. Obama doesn't stand for anything...

A wounded Iranian democracy protester lies on the street. Barack Obama enjoys a hotdog at a picnic. Neda dies in Tehran after being deliberately targeted by the Iranian basiji forces.
Then why is Barack Obama inviting the killer Iranian Regime to Independence Day festivities this year?

Iranian regime officials will be celebrating the 4th of July with Team Obama while the blood of democracy supporters dries on the street. More
by Sultan Knish

The Bush Administration's guiding policy on the Middle East was that stability comes from aiding and promoting the spread of Democracy. The Obama Administration's guiding policy on the Middle East is that stability comes from discarding or even outright suppressing Middle Eastern democracies, particularly if they are not run by Arab Muslims, as sources of instability in the region. The Bush...
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The Obama administration seems to have fallen into a pattern: the more outrageous the behavior of the Iranian regime, the more Obama lashes out at... Israel. More

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Israel Today Staff

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"I think he should take a strong stand to support the protesters in Iran who want to transform that society into one that promotes democracy and human rights," Klein says. "But while meddling in Israelís affairs and making specific demands, he explicitly states he refuses to meddle in Iranís policies and has said almost nothing." More