Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obama's Shifting Identities


No sooner did the literary agency brochure in which Barack Obama was said to be Kenyan-born surface than the media went to work to deep-six it...

Are we supposed to believe that Goderich not only changed Obama's birthplace from Hawaii to Kenya, but also transformed him from a grunt filling three-ring binders into a "financial journalist and editor"?...

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Doug Ross at Director Blue has clearly revealed the dubious maneuvers over at Obama's literary agency by noting that sometime between April 3rd and April 21st of 2007 someone at the agency was told to change presidential candidate Barack Obama's birthplace from Kenya to Hawaii.

What seems to have gone unnoticed however is the equally compelling metamorphosis regarding the origins of Obama's own parents

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The bottom line is this: Obama has been creating and shifting identities his entire adult life.