Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Eligibility and Citizenship - Most Audacious HOAX in World History?

Agnostic's Dreaded Verdict: Birthers Are (Mainly) Right -
Posted 04/25/2011 06:49 PM ET

First Of Two Parts

I will give you the unpleasant punch line upfront: There is sufficient evidence to reasonably conclude that Barack Obama is probably not a U.S. citizen, therefore constitutionally ineligible to be president of the United States.

The fact that he has been serving in that office would then be not only the most audacious hoax in world history — at least since the Trojan Horse. It also creates a constitutional crisis of the first magnitude that will take decades to straighten out...

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Second Of Two Parts

The conclusion: Barack Obama's covered-up background is very likely sufficient to disqualify him from the presidency, perhaps or perhaps not constitutionally through noncitizenship, or more practically because of multiple acts of fraud and deceit over legal name and multiple citizenships. Full public knowledge would surely induce prompt impeachment or electoral pariah status, that is.

Again, poignantly, and finally, if one disagrees: Prove it. You are welcome to try. It should be easy. So why is it so hard? Yes, that question is rhetorical.

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If Obama Is Natural-Born, Why Suppress Evidence? -

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