Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Obama's Lawless America

Daniel Greenfield
Sultan Knish

Excerpt, emphasis added:

Obama chooses not to defend DOMA in court. His attorney general tries to deflect a congressional investigation into his office's Black Panther cover up by playing the race card. Congress passes laws which it does not read. A Federal judge rules that inaction is also a form of action. What all these have in common is that they are symptoms of a lawless society.

When most people hear "lawless society", they picture anarchy, but that's not actually the case. All societies have laws of some sort, but where a lawful society is governed by its laws, a lawless society is ruled by power. In a lawful society, the law applies to everyone. In a lawless society it does not apply to those who are in power.

Obama began his term in office by setting up an infrastructure of czars to implement policies without legislative oversight. It was an ominous move, and a predictable one. And it didn't end there. In an ethical administration, the Attorney General serves as a watchmen. In Obama's Administration of 40 Thieves, he was bound to be the ringleader...