Friday, November 5, 2010

Obama Moving White House to India?

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By Sher Zieve

Despite yesterday's election, it is now blatantly obvious that Obama & Co neither cares about the United States of America nor its people.

Today, the US tyrant--along with an estimated 50 jumbo jets full of his 3,000 person entourage--will fly Air Force One (followed by the second AF One and Marine One copters) to Mumbai, India where he and his merry minions will take over the entire Taj Mahal and other hotels.

The now fully visible to the entire world hedonist and “Neroistc” monarch Obama will spend at least $200 Millions PER DAY of OUR money to indulge his every whim and fantasy. As members of his now wholly-owned media are traveling with him, any news about this grotesque and extreme extravagant waste of taxpayer money--especially considering the US' current financial disaster brought on principally by this same “monarch”--is virtually, if not literally, criminal.

This sort of trip is unprecedented in US history and leads me to the question “Is The Obama planning to become a pasha-in-exile or is he essentially moving the USA Executive Branch--which was usurped in the first place--to another country; namely India?”

How in the world can The Obama return to the USA after this extraordinary, open abject theft of taxpayer money which he is now laughing about and shoving--even more so--in our faces? The Obama and his wife are now both laughing uncontrollably and shouting at all of us “Shut up and eat your cake!“

What kind of perverse being now occupies the highest elected position in our land?

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