Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama's Reality. America, Here is Your Chief.

Sickening: Obama: Daniel Pearl’s Beheading “Captured the World’s Imagination
The Betrayal: - Posted on May 20th, 2010 by David-Crockett

That’s sick. Obama says Islamic radicals sawing off a mans head with a butter knife “capured the world’s imagination.” No, Barack. It was horrifying and it had nothing to do with freedom of the press. They murdered Pearl because he was an American Jew.

The Betrayal » Calling all Journalists, Obama’s multiple social security numbers, Obama’s mama’s   - Thanks Charles:
mama had access to dead people’s social security numbers.

Posted on May 19th,
2010 by David-Crockett

As reported "here,  here,", and here, Barack Obama is reported to have multiple social security numbers tied to his name. Last year, two investigators searched numerous data bases and found that the social security number Obama is currently using is a Connecticut issued number and it was issued between 1977-79.

Further, the social security number assigned to Barack Obama may have been previously assigned to someone born in 1890.

It’s important to note that Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, was a volunteer at the Oahu Circuit Court probate department and had access to Social Security numbers of dead people.

 With this issue alone, you’d think this would be enough to warrant some type of investigation from the so-called free press."

Obama’s Social Security Number(s) - Jerome Corsi on the Jeff Kuhner Show - 5/18/10

Neil Sankey - Barack Hussein Obama Addresses & SS Numbers -

Obama Sides with Mexico Against Arizona Immigration Law
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Confronting soaring frustration over illegal immigration, President Barack Obama sided with Mexico’s visiting president on Wednesday and condemned Arizona's nationally popular immigration law. He pushed instead for a federal fix, but added that he can’t do anything without Republican support, pleading: 'I need some help.'

Obama Ramps up Criticism of Ariz. Immigration Law

"President Barack Obama welcomes Mexico's President Felipe Calderon to the White House for an official state visit, Wednesday. Obama sided with Calderon, who called Arizona's law discriminatory and warned Mexico would reject any effort to 'criminalize migration.' (AP Photo)"