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Obama's Foreign Policy Getting Him Nowhere

"Obama's Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere on the World Stage
By Gabor Steingart"

Excerpt. Highlight added:
"When he entered office, US President Barack Obama promised to inject US foreign policy with a new tone of respect and diplomacy. His recent trip to Asia, however, showed that it's not working. A shift to Bush-style bluntness may be coming."

"The mood in Obama's foreign policy team is tense following an extended Asia trip that produced no palpable results. The 'first Pacific president,' as Obama called himself, came as a friend and returned as a stranger. The Asians smiled but made no concessions.Lost Some Stature"

..."Interests, not emotions, dominate the world of realpolitik. The Asia trip revealed the limits of Washington's new foreign policy"

..."In Tokyo, the new center-left government even pulled out of its participation in a mission which saw the Japanese navy refueling US warships in the Indian Ocean as part of the Afghanistan campaign. In Beijing, Obama failed to achieve any important concessions whatsoever. There will be no binding commitments from China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A revaluation of the Chinese currency, which is kept artificially weak, has been postponed. Sanctions against Iran? Not a chance. Nuclear disarmament?Not an issue for the Chinese.

The White House did not even stand up for itself when it came to the question of human rights in China. The president, who had said only a few days earlier that freedom of expression is a universal right, was coerced into attending a joint press conference with Chinese President Hu Jintao, at which questions were forbidden. Former US President George W. Bush had always managed to avoid such press conferences.

Relatively Unsuccessful"
..."Obama's new foreign policy has also been relatively unsuccessful elsewhere, with even friends like Israel leaving him high and dry. For the government of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, peace is only conceivable under its terms. Netanyahu has rejected Obama's call for a complete moratorium on the construction of settlements. As a result, Obama has nothing to offer the Palestinians and the Syrians."

A Lot Like Jimmy Carter

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And from Tony Allen-Mills:
Former allies turn on Obama over his failure to deliver on ...
Barack Obama dream fades as China visit fails to bring change ...

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Obama's Failed Asia Trip

Monday, November 23, 2009

Former British policeman backs Barack Obama 'birthers' conspiracy theory: Telegraph.co.UK

Former British policeman backs Barack Obama 'birthers' conspiracy theory - Telegraph:
"Barack Obama: news on first black president of the USA

"Former British policeman backs Barack Obama 'birthers' conspiracy theory.

A former British policeman is using his Scotland Yard training to help the Birthers, a group of conspiracy theorists, in trying to unseat President Barack Obama."

Barack Obama and His Politics

Barack Obama: the politics of hypocrisy and cynicism - Telegraph:
Published: 2:00PM GMT 21 Nov 2009"
"It was supposed to be all about the end of politics as usual. But while President Barack Obama has been happy to bring about change while abroad by doing all he can to diminish the superpower status of the United States, at home it's been the same old, writes Toby Harnden.

"Take the case of Greg Craig, the first big figure to depart the Obama White House and the victim of the Washington equivalent of a back-alley stabbing. A respected lawyer who defended President Bill Clinton during impeachment, the former State Department official was one of the first big guns to break with the Clintons and go all in for Obama.

Bowing to the wishes of Hillary Clinton, who blocked him from his preferred field of foreign policy, Craig was made White House Counsel.

He was charged with closing Guantanamo Bay, overhauling interrogation rules and translating Obama's high-minded campaign ideals into workable policy.

Having issued a directive on his second full day in office that Guantanamo Bay would close 'no later than one year from the date of this order', Obama soon came up against reality. Last week, he lamely conceded that he would miss his own deadline but 'would anticipate' the jail shutting in 2010.

Faithfully implementing Obama's wishes, Craig drew up plans for the release of photos of American troops engaging in the abuse of prisoners.

Faced with fierce opposition from generals and former CIA chiefs the President then changed his mind."

"Before you could whisper 'change we can believe in', Craig became the designated scapegoat for Obama's photos U-turn and the Guantanamo debacle. The campaign had been free of leaks but Craig was knifed by Team Obama in time-honoured Washington. He was toast, confided anonymous officials who portrayed him as an incompetent in the thrall of bed-wetting human rights types.

On the record, officials flatly denied Craig might be fired and airily dismissed reports of the authorised leaks as 'typical Washington parlour games'. A bemused Craig wondered who his enemy might be, realising too late that it was Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff, operating with Obama's blessing.

White House officials were demonstrably lying to reporters when they said Craig was not under threat. With breathtaking chutzpah, they briefed last week that his departure had been on the cards 'for months'.

In the Clinton era it was OK to lie about sex. Under Obama, it seems, it's just fine to lie about running the country."

"Bill Clinton's administration was bedevilled by self-serving leaks from ambitious staffers trying to promote themselves or their cause. For Obama, leaking is a way of doing business.

Thus, General Stanley McChrystal's request for up to 44,000 more troops in Afghanistan was leaked to Bob Woodward, allowing White House officials to float a trial balloon.

Then, classified cables sent from Kabul by Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and opposing McChrystal's analysis appeared in the Washington Post. Few believe that the leaks were anything other than a deliberate White House attempt to shift the Afghanistan debate by saying: 'Look, there's a former general who differs from McChrystal.'

When Robert Gates, the straight-shooting Defence Secretary, fulminated that he was 'appalled' by the leaks, Obama clamoured to insist that he was 'angrier than Bob Gates about it' and pronounced leaking a 'firing offence'. Call me a sceptic but I doubt that the likes of Emanuel or David Axelrod will be dismissed any time soon."

"During the campaign, Mr Obama said loftily that his opposition researchers would concentrate on policy. But we now know from his campaign manager David Plouffe that it was Obama staff who leaked the devastating nugget that Democratic rival John Edwards had spent $400 on a haircut.

One of this White House's flaws is that it is packed with campaign operatives like Axelrod at senior levels or other refugees from the Windy City like Emanuel, who delight in the dark arts of Washington and Chicago-style hardball.

What Mr Obama lacks is wise, detached counsel from outside his inner circle. Mr Craig might have fulfilled such a role. His replacement? Mr Obama's personal lawyer Bob Bauer, another campaign loyalist. It was an eerie echo of President George W Bush's installation of his crony Alberto Gonzales in the same position.
The supposedly post-partisan Obama is operating a one-party system in Washington in which Republicans are frozen out. His big campaign donors are now housed in sumptuous ambassadorial residences across the world.

Where he promised transparency, everything is opaque.

Far from changing Washington, Obama has slipped effortlessly into its ways. Could it be that the hallowed figure who preached hope and 'yes we can' is really a hypocrite whose legacy will be greater cynicism?"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obama, American Buffoon or America's Enemy No 1?

American Buffoon
The American Spectator
By Andrew Cline on 11.18.09 @ 6:09AM

Barack Obama was supposed to be America's answer to the suave, European head of state. A debonair gentleman of the world, he would charm even the most sophisticated foreign leaders and prove, finally, that the United States is developed culturally, not just economically.

Then he gave some DVDs..--- a gift about as exciting as a pair of socks." ...

But even worse, Obama refused to hold a joint press conference with Brown or invite him for an official White House dinner. And to top it all off, he sent back a bust of Churchill that was lent to the White House after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Russia Today wrote that week, "Despite Barack Obama's eloquent elocution, ivy school credentials and electric charisma, there is talk that he lacks the most crucial element of any great leader: judgment."

Since March, Obama's social gaffes have continued. In April he bowed to the Saudi king;

In July he was photographed staring at the rear end of a 16-year-old girl

and suggested that Cambridge Police Officer James Crowley was stupid;

in October he refused to meet with the Dalai Lama;

in September he refused five requests from Gordon Brown for a one-on-one meeting but found time to fly to Copenhagen to promote Chicago's Olympic bid;

and this month he sent Hillary Clinton to attend the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall,

then topped it all with an obsequious bow to the emperor of Japan. (Read: Obama Declines To Defend U.S. Bombing Of Hiroshima, Nagasaki NewsBusters.org)

Obama cannot even blame the Japan bow on proper protocol. It was anything but proper. It was so inappropriate that it even offended the Japanese.

(Ramirez: Obama Bow in one direction …

President Bush supposedly offended the rest of the world with his cowboy chauvinism, but at least he followed proper etiquette while telling the leaders of other countries that America was going to go its own way. Obama doesn't even know to invite the Prime Minister of Great Britain to a state dinner. He doesn't even bother to learn the proper way to greet kings and emperors.

For all of George W. Bush's swagger, it is Barack Obama who has systematically offended three major allies -- Britain, Germany and Japan -- in the span of nine months, needlessly straining important relationships and making his country look simultaneously backward and arrogant...

Obama might be cultivating world opinion by insulting his own country in speech after speech and undermining its interests with his foreign policy, but the joke is on him. For his transparent disdain for other world leaders and customs is making him every bit the image of the buffoonish American president he tries so hard to convince the world he is not.

And this is how he treats his friends and his country:


MichNews.com Obama's Betrayal of America Growing Exponentially:
... By his refusal to protect the USA and its people from its enemies, Obama has abrogated his contract as POTUS and is, for all intents and purposes, siding with said enemies. He has become this country’s greatest enemy to date. This is betrayal--of and in the highest order--of the USA and its people.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barack Obama DESPISES America.

The Man Who Despises America
By Mark Hyman on 11.11.09 @ 6:09AM
The American Spectator

The very next paragraph is going to make the nut jobs on the far left excitable beyond belief.

I am not referring to all Democrats or even a majority of liberals. I am singling out the "they've-lost-all-touch-with-reality" crowd. This includes Media Matters for America led by the admitted hit-and-run, drunk-driving serial liar. The group includes the unshaven, bathrobe-clad unemployed who live in their mother's basement and are devout followers of MoveOn.Org. It is also the bitter, aging spinster working at the New York Times, the morbidly obese documentary film maker, and cable TV news' resident drama queen who hosts MSNBC's Countdown. They are about to simultaneously suffer from brain aneurisms. So without further delay, I'll say it.

Barack Obama despises America.

When people who voted for Obama in 2008 -- including registered Democrats -- start speaking in normal conversational voices at dinner parties, neighborhood gatherings and PTA meetings that the over-inflated ego from Chicago has it "in for America," then it's clear most reasonable people have reached the same conclusion.

The central conviction of Obama's ideology is that America is guilty of limitless moral failures and is the chief architect of the world's ills. Obama has boundless enmity for America, its key institutions, and its longtime allies. Consider these facts...

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Obama's Citizenship Revisited

From Nobarack08's Weblog

Natural Born Citizen- Visual Guide
Posted on September 20, 2009 by nobarack08

Here is the Natural Born Citizen. explained visually.

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Obama and Emperor Nero

                      Obama snubs Ft. Hood to relax at Camp David (updated) 

                    OBAMA GIDDY DISTANT 

Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting

Nero Fiddled as Rome Burned